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Food Safety & Standards Authority of India

In collaboration with the Karnataka Biodiversity Board and Karnataka Forest Department, CSD has established 13 in-situ Biodiversity Conservation Sites in the dry zones of Karnataka State

About project:

This project is being implemented in collaboration with Karnataka Biodiversity Board and Karnataka Forest Department to conserve dry zone biodiversity in Karnataka. 13 conservation sites with more than 100 ha have been demarcated in 13 forest divisions in dry zone. CSD conducted training programmes for local botanical teams to undertake botanical survey in these sites. Local NGOs, namely CORDEA and SEED have been involved along with botanists from Karnataka and Gulbarga universities in survey, identification and preparation of check list of plants. During first survey, the numbers of plant species enumerated were 782 belonging to herbs, shrubs, climbers and trees. Out of this, 272 species have been identified through herbarium specimen and photos and 251 species identified through local names. About 257 unknown species have to be identified by collecting herbarium and photos during next survey. The significant findings of this survey are 30% of species belongs to herbs (ground flora) and 43 species have been identified under RET and high traded species. This project is planned for five years (2009 – 2013), first year operation will end of July 2010.