Our Company

To enhance the quality of life by catalyzing the role of citizens, industry and governance to invest in sustainable development.

What you should know about us

Centre for sustainable development (CSD) is a non-profit organization registered in 2003 under the Karnatka Societies Registration Act. CSD is located in the city of Bangalore and is governed by a board of highly distinguished and eminent personalities associated with sustainable development.

Our primary focus is to design and develop sustainable practices for development activities keep the values of natural ecosystems and importance of their conservation through proper environmental planning and management.

Our Mission

To promote sustainable development by identifying critical issues in the context of the present and the future and addressing them in a manner which will achieve sustainable outcomes. Its programs and methods are designed to promote the involvement of different stakeholders and build capacity to achieve sustainability across sectors. CSD works in close association with various government agencies, scientific institutions and civil society organizations.