Project Details

Ministry of Environment & Forest

The Climate Change Action Plan for Karnataka involved identification of sectors especially vulnerable to climate change, and analyzing the existing status for each of these identified vulnerable sectors followed by an action plan reduce impact on climate change. The report has also analyzed the climate change issues from agro climate zone perspective using ten zones in Karnataka.

With the formulation of the National Action Plan for Climate Change (NAPCC) in 2008, each state in the country is required to prepare its own Climate Change Action Plan to reduce Green House Gas emissions (GHGs). In this regard, the Karnataka Climate Change Action Plan (KCCAP) has been drafted by CSD using the NAPCC as a guideline as well as taking into account those programs that have already been initiated by the Government of Karnataka. In addition, KCCAP provides concrete suggestions towards conserving the ecology of the state by restoring and enhancing natural resources and simultaneously reducing unwarranted release of pollutants and GHGs into the environment. As climate change establishes strong and complex interconnections between these sectors, the KCCAP considers these dynamic relationships and suggests adaptive and mitigative measures to reduce the impact of climate change in the state of Karnataka.

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